"Vermillion Plaza," the second single from Deastro's full-length debut, Moondagger, miniaturizes the album's best assets and shoots them out of a cannon. Plucky synth arpeggios, end-of-the-world choruses, joyously careening melody lines-it's all there, squashed into a life-affirming three minutes and 50 seconds. "Vermillion Plaza"'s hidden weapon is its songcraft, which may easily goes unnoticed as the pop-music blur flies by-the song lives uneasily in its skin, buttressing its fireworks display of a chorus with odd moments of synthesizer psychedelia, funk, and disco. And when Deastro's Randolph Chabot pleads for contact, singing, "Would you be my son / 'cause all of mine have died?," it's less a cry of self-pity than a salute to the power of human connection.The B-side is Mux Mool's lumbering, half-time remix of "Vermillion Plaza." The former Ghostly Swim featured artist plunges Chabot's vocal into a sinister electronic nightmare-scape, squelching through mud puddles of bass as synthesized strings circle the skies.

Vermillion Plaza


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