Austrian-born, Texas resident Brian Aneurysm has had nearly ten years’ experience as a DJ, and his productions have appeared on labels such as Poker Flat, Sub-static and his own Iron Box imprint. Nothing so far, however, could prepare us for “Das Element Des Menschen”, a churning mammoth of grimy devastation. The track builds on mechanical bursts, slowly becoming a dominating tech-house beast until it adds an effects-laden chorus spat with an acid tongue. Pucher’s industrial influences permeate the song and a palpable, dark intensity pours from the speakers amidst the clanks and bass line whirs, making for a surefire dance floor destroyer.On the B-Side, “Unwanted” is another formidable piece of sinister Berlin-style techno, complete with mutating synth washes and eerie dialogue samples, while James T. Cotton's take on “Das Element Des Menschen” turns the track into an acid-house jam with clacking 808s and the vocal sample shoved through an echo chamber. Confidently putting his best foot forward, Brian Aneurysm lets his menacing genius speak for itself.

Das Element Des Menschen

Brian Aneurysm

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