Spectral Remixed

Various Artists

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WAV / Audion - Fred's Bells (Onur Ozer Remix) / SPC-51_fredsbells_2min.mp3 $0.99 Add to Cart
WAV / Kate Simko - She Said (Barem Remix) / SPC-51_shesaid_2min.mp3 $0.99 Add to Cart
WAV / Daso - Meine (Lucio Aquilina Remix) / SPC-51_meine_2min.mp3 $0.99 Add to Cart
WAV / Broker/Dealer - Soft Sell (Sami Koivikko Remix) [Digital Only] / SPC-51_softsell_2min.mp3 $0.99 Add to Cart
WAV / James T. Cotton - Distant Trip (Box Version) [Digital Only] / SPC-51_distanttrip_2min.mp3 $0.99 Add to Cart
WAV / Osborne - Bout Ready To Jak (Ryan Elliott Remix) [Digital Only] / SPC-51_readytojak_2min.mp3 $0.99 Add to Cart

To celebrate our 50th release into the catalog, the comprehensive survey Spectral Sound Vol. 2, we look back at some of our finest moments with a companion remix collection. Spectral Remixed cherry picks the label's best recent cuts, then gives them some brand-new spit 'n polish courtesy of a few of our favorite internationalartists.Audion's "Fred's Bells," already the creepiest of minimal creepers, gets a late-night rubdown by Istanbul-based producer Onur Ozer: phantasmagorical vocals float around unseen corners of a shadowy nightclub, while Ozer teases up the track's sex appeal with libidinous bongos and handclaps. Next, Argentina's Barem tries his hand at "She Said" by Spectral first lady Kate Simko, sinking Simko's wobbly gyroscope synths deep into the pulsating depths of a bass bin. Finally, one of Spectral's newer artists, Daso, receives an ebullient tune-up from Italian techno pusher Lucio Aquilina; if we described Daso's original as a fluid ride in a streamlined sports car, then Aguilina's update is a syncopated skip along a careening railroad track.More treats abound in the digital release of Spectral Remixed. Broker/Dealer's sophisticated "Soft Sell" gets a darkly romantic makeover from Sami Koivikko to coincide with the release of their same-titled 12-inch. Following in the steps of his 2008 full length, Osborne hands the reins to Spectral's own Ryan Elliott for a slow-burning edit of "Bout Ready to Jak." And, multitasking artist Tadd Mullinix steps back into his acid-house guise, James T. Cotton, with a new version of "Distant Trip."

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