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Spectral Sound may be Ghostly's younger sibling, but its aesthetic is just as finely honed—and its releases sound much better on the dancefloor. Spectral Essentials: One represents artists from Spectral's early days (James T. Cotton, Hieroglyphic Being, Jeff Samuel) alongside the label's new guard (Kate Simko, Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss) for an all-in-one survey of the label's overarching vision. Highlights include the African-inspired vocal house of Bodycode's "Imitation Dub", the ping-pong funk of James T. Cotton's "Oochie Coo", the mind-bending tonal curlicues of Audion's "I Gave You Away", and many more. Spectral Essentials is just as its name implies: an indispensable compilation of artfully executed dance music, full of style and body-moving substance.

Spectral Essentials: One


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Track List
Audion – I Gave You Away
Bodycode – Imitation Dub
James T. Cotton – Oochie Coo
Broker/Dealer – Opening Night
Daso – Meine
Heiroglyphic Being – Lost In Translation
Lee Curtiss – Smoking Mirrors
Osborne – Fire
Jeff Samuel – Awt
Seth Troxler (With Matthew Dear) – Hurt
Matthew Dear – It's Over Now
Kate Simko – Margie's Groove

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