London-based producer Moiré may have a background in architecture, but if his music were houses, they’d be the kind you find in Escher paintings. The rhythmic foundation wobbles and shifts; flickering synths pulse in and out of time, and the blank space between the elements feels ominous and imposing. “Architecture for me is like a matrix of numbers that you manipulate in order to achieve a vision,” he says. “In a similar way, making music is like sculpting data—moving black magic around in order to express the idea.”

His latest single, “Mirrors,” is an extension of that idea, reflecting Moiré's dedication to his work. The idea behind “Mirrors” is to have something opposite to 'Shelter,' which is the title of my last album,” he says.  This is about coming out and focusing entirely on music, beyond what I know.”  The song reflects that desire to focus, and to push past the familiar.  Elements materialize for split-seconds then disappear back from where they came.  “My goal is to break into the other world,” Moiré says, “the one that’s hidden behind what you hear, and to get lost in it.”



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