For all the wonderfully subtle shell-breaking he did on his full-length, Mark E falls back on old, slow habits for his new single, "The Day." And welcomely, we might add. Pitching things down to a basement lounge floor crawl, the Midlands DJ/producer wraps his always chugging kicks and snares in serpentine synth-bass, jazzy, tripleted hi-hats, and moaning, wordless soul vocals. Its grasp is tantric--hinting coyly at ecstatic release, but never fully delivering. For the vinyl junkies that bought "_Stone Breaker_": and missed out on it the first time around (it was absent from that version), this release should be a no brainer.

But "The Day" isn't carrying all the weight here. A new track called "Special FX" will have sample hounds--particularly those with a thing for classic electro-pop--salivating. And the oft imitated, never replicated Prins Thomas shows up on the flip for a (naturally) eleven-minute revamp of "The Day," livening up the bass and drum patterns, adding in strings, piano, guitar, organ, and ending up with something that totally could have emanated from a Camaro at some point in the early seventies. (Albeit, one owned by someone with interest in eleven-minute instrumentals.) It even has a fade out!

The Day

Mark E

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