“Oh Love” may serve as Gadi Mizrahi’s first single for Spectral and a teaser for his upcoming She Don’t EP, but it displays all the confidence, focus, and ingenuity of the roster’s most seasoned vets. Of course, Mizrahi is no dance-music novice, and he brings just the sort of dark, sexy, devilish spirit to “Oh Love” that he’s brought to underground Brooklyn parties for almost a decade now, as half of DJ/label/promoter Wolf + Lamb.

“Oh Love” jumps right in with a spare, but deliriously funky, percussive house beat before a crooner goes to work on the track’s title. Things simmer until a spine-tingling keyboard line—we’re approaching classic Prince territory here—leads to said gentleman crooner proclaiming exactly the kind of world he intends to reside in (no spoilers here). But it’s just getting started, and with some light jacking in the mix, “Oh Love” throbs on into a dance-demanding future.

Oh Love

Gadi Mizrahi

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Oh Love

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