Death is Nothing To Fear Omnibus

Various Artists

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Death is Nothing to Fear was a groundbreaking collection from 2008, featuring the new faces of Spectral Sound. Jonas Kopp of Buenos Aires broke big in 2006 with his Death Is Nothing To Fear track gaining the world stage after being discovered on Beatport by Matthew Dear. Daso and Pawas, known for their release, Night Express EP, on FLASH are new additions to the roster with their streamlined techno sound. Chicago's Kate Simko is perhaps best known as part of Detailes with Andres Bucci, and for her work with Jonas Bering. Seth Troxler is a recent transplant to Berlin, and is part of the Detroit-by-way-of-Berlin's Visionquest/Tesh Club crew and forrming in DE. Kill, known to Ghostly fans as Kill Memory Crash, bring their danceflloor evil with a new track, Catch My Drip.

Death Is Nothing To Fear Omnibus is a digital collection of 20 songs released as part of the series.

  • DINTF Pt. 1
  • DINTF Pt. 2
  • DINTF Pt. 3
  • DINTF Pt. 4

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