Since the release of their City Vs Country EP, Mobius Band has garnered high praise from the likes of Pitchfork Media and Entertainment Weekly, drawing positive comparisons to other bands who infuse electronic elements into their songwriting, such as The Postal Service and Broadcast. For Mobius Band, it is exciting but surreal to be considered part of the electronic indie pop "scene" when the songs on their debut LP, The Loving Sounds of Static, were written over the past three years in the basement of their isolated split-level at the end of a long dirt road in Shutesbury, Massachusetts (population 1,800).But after three years of wood-shedding in the pine forests, the electronic/rock trio is trading up. Ben Sterling and Peter Sax have migrated to Brooklyn to "alleviate the boredom" – a move that has also lent a confident sheen to their modern backwoods aesthetic. Accordingly, The Loving Sounds of Static presents ten of the most sincere and refreshing songs in recent memory, with a faultless amalgamation of expansive guitars, electronic textures, Noam Schatz's hard-hitting drums, and programmed beats. This is the rare sort of record that aggressively cross-pollinates genre and idea into a seamless new model.

The Loving Sounds of Static

Mobius Band

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