Matthew Dear has been producing and DJing for more than 10 years now but even to those familiar with his music, either produced under his given name or one of his aliases (Audion (Spectral Sound), False (M_nus), Jabberjaw (Perlon), the initial release of Asa Breed was a revelation. Having impressed the critics with his 2003 debut Leave Luck To Heaven, which received a uniquely glowing critical reception for an electronic album, even from pop oriented periodicals like Rolling Stone, Spin and Entertainment Weekly, it was clear, with tracks like Dog Days and the follow-up Backstroke EP, that Dear was pushing his moody, sexy minimal techno albums to new heights of accessibility with the inclusion of vocals and his ever maturing song-writing style.With the release of Asa Breed, Dear went from hinting at his pop-sensibilities to openly celebrating them on what The Guardian called “an extraordinary, impeccable album of avant pop” and what Philip Sherburne called 2007’s “most unexpected pop masterpiece”. From the pulsating, steadily growing tension of the album’s opener “Fleece On Brain” to the infectious, ecstatic single and crowd-favorite “Don and Sherri” with its dance-floor leveling chorus, the album “bristles with energy and ingenuity”[The Wire] but it's the inclusion of Dear’s more personal song-writing style utilizing rock instrumentation that made Asa Breed such a “beautiful set of contradictions”[Anthem] it’s not often an album containing bluesy guitar and brooding folk reaches #20 on Billboard’s electronic charts.Now, with the release of Asa Breed Black Edition, critics and audiences will be able to re-discover one of 2007’s most unique releases re-packaged to include remixes and re-envisionings from Four Tet and Hot Chip, with whom Dear will be touring the UK in February.CD version features the Don And Sherri Video, directed by Plus Et Plus.

Asa Breed Black Edition

Matthew Dear

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Track List
Deserter (Four Tet Remix) $0.99 Buy MP3
You Know What I Would Do [Deserter EP Exclusive] $0.99 Buy MP3
Fleece on Brain $0.99 Buy MP3
Neighborhoods $0.99 Buy MP3
Deserter $0.99 Buy MP3
Shy $0.99 Buy MP3
Elementary Lover [feat. Mobius Band] $0.99 Buy MP3
Don and Sherri $0.99 Buy MP3
Will Gravity Win Tonight? $0.99 Buy MP3
Pom Pom $0.99 Buy MP3
Death to Feelers $0.99 Buy MP3
Give Me More $0.99 Buy MP3
Midnight Lovers $0.99 Buy MP3
Good to Be Alive $0.99 Buy MP3
Vine to Vine $0.99 Buy MP3
Down On You [Digital Exclusive] $0.99 Buy MP3
Don and Sherri (Hot Chip Version) $0.99 Buy MP3

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