Sound Motion 2: Set of 4Sound Motion 2: Set of 4Sound Motion 2: Set of 4Sound Motion 2: Set of 4Sound Motion 2: Set of 4

Sound Motion 2: Set of 4

Michael Cina

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10" x 10" Set of 4: Edition of 50
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Back in 2007, Michael Cina was experimenting in his studio—something he does with unrelenting frequency—when he first developed the idea for the Sound Motion Series. As an artist intimately connected to music, he often finds the two forms of expression intertwined. At the time, he was dabbling in generative functions and trying to replicate what he imagined sound might look like. From these tests, Cina made a series of 6 small screen prints that promptly sold out. Cina turned his attention to new projects.

The idea progressed no further for several years until the original Sound Motion Series was featured in Monocle magazine and the reminder led Cina to take up the project once more. He writes: "What I realized is that I had totally forgotten how I made them. I have thousands of files where I play around with something like this in the middle of the day and save them and never think about it again. So details like how I made them always escape me. I eventually figured it out after several hours of work. I still don't know how I made some of the older ones but I also created some better ideas in the process."

In reflecting further on the series, Cina notes that they were also subconsciously influenced by Josef Albers' "Homage to the Square." And while the "Homage to the Square" series is different in most every way, the compositions do suggest motion, "almost like a sound vibrating in one dimension," Cina adds. The Sound Motion Series, on the other hand, is cymatic in nature, calling to mind the nodal patterns produced by the sound-induced vibrations of a particulate or liquid surface. "I wasn't thinking about these types of things when making the Sound Motion Series, but this is what I feel and see when listening to music," he concludes.
Edition Details
  • Set of Four 10" x 10" prints
  • Border widths: 1/2" 
  • Printed with archival ink on premium ultra smooth, 308 gsm cotton rag 
  • Each set comes with an artist-signed certificate of authenticity 
  • Unframed

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