Vida Water BottleVida Water BottleVida Water Bottle

Vida Water Bottle

Kor x Ghostly

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When it came time to add a Ghostly branded water bottle to our shop, we knew just who to turn to. Having been fans of the original Kor One water bottle, we were confident the California-based design company would have something perfect for our needs. It's safe to say that we don't put our logo on just any product. And so before making any decision based on visual strength alone, we sampled and field-tested the entire range of Kor's beautifully designed bottles. At then end of our testing period, our favorite for user experience also turned out to be our first choice for appearance: the Vida.

Unlike most steel water bottles, which are simple cylinders, the Vida features a tapered profile and comes with an ergonomic handle, making it a cinch to carry. Made of BPA-free, recyclable polypropylene, the Vida spout lets you taste water without the metallic aftertaste common to other steel bottles. You also don’t smell metal with every sip. And when you finish drinking, the Vida cap acts like an air-lock chamber to completely protect the spout. 

  • Kor Ergo-Comfort - A sleek designs that is easy to hold and an integrated ergonomic handle that makes carrying a breeze.
  • Hygienic Spout - Most bottles force you to drink from an exposed surface, but the Vida cap design completely protects the spout when not in use.
  • KOR Perfect Spout - Kor's exclusive threadless design feels great on your lips. Large for chugging and adding ice cubes, small enough to minimize splashes. 

  • Dimensions: 8.56" high x 2.74" diameter at base (217.4 mm x 69.6 mm)
  • Capacity - 25.3 oz. (750 mL)
  • Weight - 8 oz.
  • Color: Anthracite black
  • Awards: IDEA (2011) Spark (2011) IDA (2010)

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