The Process Series The Process Series The Process Series The Process Series The Process Series The Process Series The Process Series

The Process Series

Matthew Shlian

Triangle: Extruded
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Square: Rotated
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Circle: Arrayed
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Like much of Matthew Shlian's work, The Process Series was not predetermined. Instead, it began as an inquiry, evolved through an exploration into methodology, and was honed by practical constraints.

The starting point was electronic music itself and the idea of a basic structure laying the foundation for increasing complexity. At first glance, Shlian's pieces seem to be comprised of merely simple geometries neatly aligned. Look closer and you'll notice that each piece uses the geometry as but a starting point for a sophisticated study into orienting repeating shapes

Each piece (or process) is comprised of over two dozen individual layers of paper that have been systematically cut on a flatbed plotter cutter. When stacked, the process of orientation is stunningly revealed: a series of squares in rotation, a group of triangles extruded, a grid of circles arrayed.

Check out the video above (produced by Sam Wolson and the Michigan Daily) for some further insight into Shlian's process.

Edition Details
  • Each of the three processes is an edition of 20
  • Each process is signed and numbered
  • Each process is sold unframed
  • 11" x 8 1/2" x 1/2" (unframed)
Sheets per Process
  • Square: 33 
  • Triangle: 29
  • Circle: 30

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