Tessellation Formation 3Tessellation Formation 3Tessellation Formation 3Tessellation Formation 3

Tessellation Formation 3

Matthew Shlian

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Editions 21-30 $175.00 Sold Out
Conceived over a flurry of emails in the spring of 2011, The Tessellation Series is an expression of intuitive design evolving from a fixed starting point. To illustrate the process by which the pattern has emerged, the series is presented as five distinct moments, or formations, in its evolution.

In each formation, three-dimensional structures spread, in seemingly random order, toward the edge of the page. Closer inspection reveals the fine pencil drawn lines of the geometric shapes from which they rise, a blueprint for a pattern that is at once unfinished and complete.

Artist's Statement:
"My earliest memory is this: I am alone in a car on the edge of an uphill grassy incline.  I am in the parking lot of my brother's nursery school, it is 1982 and I am two years old.  I am looking at trees and counting the leaves.  After I make it past ten, I then use "one" to represent ten and the numbers one through nine to reach a higher level.  When I reach twenty, I begin again with "two" and repeat the pattern.  I have never learned to count this way, yet I count and recount the leaves up to one hundred.  I do not yet know the word for one hundred but I understand it.  

Twenty-eight years later I continue counting.  The Tessellation Series explores both numbers and pattern; a twelve sided form extrudes to a point then extends outward to a ring.  The pattern grows as it advances to the edge of the page.  My approach is not based in traditional math but in intuition.  I do not know how the pattern will develop as I progress, but I do know how it began and I use the course I have charted to determine its destination."

Edition Details
Each tessellation formation is produced in an edition of ten, and comes signed and numbered for a series total of fifty (e.g. the first edition of Tessellation Formation 3 is numbered 31/50).

11" x 8.5" x variable depth

(Photo Credit: Nathan Garcia)

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