10 Principles for Good Design Poster10 Principles for Good Design Poster10 Principles for Good Design Poster10 Principles for Good Design Poster10 Principles for Good Design Poster10 Principles for Good Design Poster10 Principles for Good Design Poster

10 Principles for Good Design Poster

Vitsœ | Dieter Rams

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Created by the British design studio Bibliothèque for Vitsœ, the manufacturer of Dieter Rams' iconic 606 Universal Shelving System, the '10 Principles for Good Design' poster is a visual tribute to one of the most important designers of the 20th century. 

Widely referenced throughout the design industry and quoted in countless essays, Dieter Rams' principles of good design are as pure, honest, and uncompromising as the very products he has authored through over 50 years of work in design.
Of their genesis, Rams' longtime manufacturing partner Vitsœ, notes:
"Back in the late 1970s, Dieter Rams was becoming increasingly concerned by the state of the world around him – 'an impenetrable confusion of forms, colours and noises.' Aware that he was a significant contributor to that world, he asked himself an important question: is my design good design?

As good design cannot be measured in a finite way he set about expressing the ten most important principles for what he considered was good design."

The ten principles are illustrated by products designed at Braun by Rams and his colleagues (including the superlative ET66 calculator by Dietrich Lubs), as well as his work for Vitsœ.
Poster Details:
  • Dimensions: 24" wide x 36" long
  • 7-color Offset Print
  • Printed in the United Kingdom
  • Designed by Bibliothèque, 2009 

About Dieter Rams:
Born in 1932, Dieter Rams is one of the foremost industrial designers of the 20th century. For his entire career Rams has worked almost exclusively for two companies: Braun, the German electrical products company and, to this day, Vitsœ. Today he is cited by a new generation of designers as a key influence on their work that is shaping the 21st century.

About Vitsœ:
Vitsœ was the name of the company's founder, Niels Vitsœ. Together with Otto Zapf he established Vitsœ in 1959 to realise the furniture designs of Dieter Rams. Since 1995 the company's worldwide headquarters and production have been based in London in the United Kingdom.

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