Skeletons have a knack for capturing the ephemeral. Their new release on SHINKOYO, entitled "PEOPLE," demonstrates maturation into a darker, proverbial group of politically and socially cognizant musicians. While continuing to focus on experimentation, Skeletons have explored genres ranging from orchestral and afro-beats to pop, never quite grasping onto a sole demographic.

"PEOPLE" continues this purposeful, inventive and distinctive genre created by Skeletons. "There is no calm without a storm," claim the Skeletons on their new single "Grandma." More than ever before, the group of collaborators have followed this bit of advice, mixing instrumental storms of metal inspired guitar riffs with the darker vocals of lead singer Matt Mehlan, followed by moments of hollow percussion and serene three part vocal harmonies. These generic evolutions thrive within the embryonic confines of Skeletons electromechanical roots. While Skeletons have been experimental since their inception, "PEOPLE" shows more variation than either 2005's "Git" or 2007's "LUCAS," also on Ghostly, achieved. 

Gone seem to be the days of Skeletons' pleading love songs, making room for tracks like "Barack Obama Blues" and "People" concerned with rousing the masses. The onset of darkness does not seem to fall without doses of hope for the band. Throughout "PEOPLE," Mehlan, McMahon, Lowe, and Leland parallel melancholy verses of poetics with inklings for the future—maturity unprecedented in their younger years as artists—illuminating the new personality of an ever-evolving group of musicians.



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Track List
L'il Rich
More Than the One Thing
Walmart and the Ghost of Jimmy Damour
Tania Head
Barack Obama Blues

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