Geotail Satellite ModelGeotail Satellite Model

Geotail Satellite Model


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When solar wind penetrates our magnetosphere, it can knock out satellites and even land-based electrical systems. GEOTAIL was sent up in 1992 to observe the turbulent wake that Earth’s magnetosphere pulls behind it and how the solar wind penetrates through. By keeping an eye on the weather in space, GEOTAIL helps protect those of us here on Earth from unexpected disruptions to our vital communications and power networks. (More information on Wikipedia.) 
Dimensions: 11 cm x 11 cm x 7 cm.
About Papafoxtrot:
Papafoxtrot is a wooden toy brand founded by Ian Ferguson and Martin Postler of London-based design consultancy Postlerferguson. Their wooden toys bring the awesome machines and global systems driving today's world into the home or office, reminding us of the astonishing infrastructure that makes the global community possible. 
An international organization, Papafoxtrot works with a network of designers and manufacturers around the world. The same global systems that inspire their toys allow them to utilize the best craftsmen and sustainable material suppliers in order to create products of the highest quality. Hand-crafted wood and a colorful, reduced aesthetic imbue the models with an engaging tactility and playful optimism befitting these wonders of the modern era. 

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