A Fountain

Michael Cina

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(Please note, due to the unique limited nature of this artwork, we are unable to accommodate GMS member discounts. We apologize for any inconvenience.)

In the music video for "Her Fantasy," the lead single from Matthew Dear's Beams, fantastical sequences of debauchery and seduction from a cast of eccentric characters serve as the visual mélange for the song's charging whistle-and-cowbell rhythm. Leading up to the video, which was directed by Tommy O'Haver, Dear contacted Michael Cina with a request for a backdrop he had in mind for these sequences. Over the course of several days, Cina would subsequently paint a series of vibrant, energetic paintings on large rolls of butcher paper. Some of these would become incorporated into the music video and later serve as the foundation for the inner art sleeves of the vinyl and CD releases. 

Since the album's release, Cina has received numerous requests from collectors looking to purchase the artworks used in Beams, but until now, they only existed as 20 foot long paintings. Introducing yet another step in the life of the Beams artwork, Cina began cutting these original scroll-like paintings into smaller, singular moments.
With the release of the Beams (Expanded Edition), we are given an opportunity to shine a light on the sumptuous visuals that have supported this release by making, for the first time ever, the original paintings available for purchase. 
Buyer's note: These one-of-a-kind works of art have been professionally mounted on Sintra board and triple sealed with Breathing Color's "Timeless Satin" print coating. Due to the original painting process and their travels for use in the music video, each piece will exhibit minor surface imperfections. These aspects reflect the journey of the music and art making process. 
  • One of a kind original painting
  • Dimensions: 22" x 22"
  • Acrylic on butcher paper
  • Spray mounted to Sintra board
  • Triple sealed with "Timeless Satin" print coating

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