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Wilson Keyring

Ghostly x GENMFGCO

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After meeting up with General Manufacturing Concern founders Hunter Craighill and Dylan Fareed last year, we were inspired by their mission to inject everyday objects with some design poetry. A few conversations later, we decided to collaborate on an exclusive Ghostly edition of their awesome Wilson Keyring.

The Wilson Keyring is the kind of design we love to admire. A simple solution to an age-old problem, the keyring utilizes a bit of tension from bent brass to make storing and using your keys a cinch. It measures roughly 2″ by 1.125″ and can accommodate more keys than you'll likely ever need. Our Ghostly edition features a nickel plated finish and has an enamel stripe in our signature purple. 

About the design of the Wilson, the designers note: "The design materialized out of a side project in wireforming; the inspiration came from a system our friend Chuck was using to store brass lock rings in his workshop. We honed in on the right design and finish within a few rounds of prototyping, and worked with a jewelry finisher in Yonkers, New York to complete the enameling."

  • Approximately 2" by 1 1/8"
  • 1/8 inch , nickel plated brass wire
  • Cut, bent, and tumbled by hand (Bushwick, Brooklyn)
  • Enamel applied by hand (Yonkers)
  • Sold individually

Hunter Craighill and Dylan Fareed founded GENMFGCO in 2013 to make some things a little simpler and a bit better. Working in their studio or closely with manufacturing partners, GENMFGCO prototypes and iterates on designs until they’ve met a strict criteria of simplicity, utility, handsomness, and longevity.

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