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We’ve teamed up again with our friends at Ypsilanti-based roasters Hyperion Coffee Co. Our second holiday-season collaboration, which we’ve named Geddes, is a dual-origin blend of independently grown Honduran catuai beans and typica and arusha beans from the Wahgi Valley of Papua New Guinea. Working in concert, the three varietals produce a light, buoyant body, notes of fruit on the palate, and an herbal finish.



  • Papua New Guinea
    Producer: Sigri Estate
    Cultivar: Typica and Arusha
    Region: Wahgi Valley
    Process: Washed - Peaberry Grade (this coffee goes through an extended 3 day fermentation, followed by another 24-hour full immersion wash)
    Tasting Notes: Honeydew Melon, Dark Chocolate, Roasted Almonds


  • Honduras
    Producer: Rolando Carcamo
    Cultivar: Red and Yellow Catuai
    Region: La Union
    Process: Washed. Zero Defect Hand Sort
    Tasting Notes: Caramel, Peach, Graham Cracker, Limeade acidity

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