Stone Age Bangle

Chen Chen & Kai Williams

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Designed by Chen Chen and Kai Williams and produced in Brooklyn, NY, the Stone Age Bangles are indicative of the designers' approach to material use. By taking common materials normally found in interiors and architecture, and transforming them into elegant jewelry, the designers draw attention to the inherent beauty in industry while (intentionally or not) questioning the value of the rare or precious as ornament. 
  • Midnight Black Bangle: waterjet cut engineered stone
  • Blue Bahia Bangle: waterjet cut Blue Bahia granite
  • White Carrara Bangle: waterjet cut White Carrara marble
  • Lizard Green Bangle: waterjet cut engineered stone
  • Flamingo Bangle: waterjet cut Rose Tea marble

Dimensions (please note the inner diameter to ensure proper fit):
Inner diameter: 2.44"
Outer diameter: 3.69" 
Thicknesses: Midnight Black and Lizard Green bangles are 1/2"; Blue Bahia, White Carrara, and Tea Rose are 3/4"

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