With 7" single Half Asleep/Caldo, School of Seven Bells stylishly split the difference between shoegazing introspection and stargazing dream pop. “Half Asleep” starts with a compact, propulsive throb and gradually expands outward, adding layers of milky-blue synthesizer, bottomless guitar from Benjamin Curtis, and the angelic, harmonized coos of sisters Alejandra and Claudia Deheza—it’s a potent combination of earthbound noise and weightless beauty, found at the height of a mountaintop. Eerie B-side “Caldo” spins a simple melody (sung in English and Spanish) into a medieval hymn from another planet. Half Asleep/Caldo is a taste of School of Seven Bells’ full-length, Alpinisms.

Half Asleep

School of Seven Bells

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Track List
Half Asleep

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