Spectral Sound: Document Omnibus

Ghostly International

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Document (12" + CD + DL) $30.00 Sold Out
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When Ghostly International spawned the Spectral Sound imprint nearly a decade ago, Sam Valenti and Matthew Dear conceived the label as the dark, dancefloor-oriented alter-ego of Ghostly's eclectic, album-based sound—a home for, as Matthew Dear calls it, "body music for the mind." Now run by Spectral producer/DJ Ryan Elliott, alongside co-founder Dear, the label has solidified its image as Ghostly's leaner, meaner brother.

Spectral Sound: Document Omnibus is a collection including:

  • Document Pt. 1 (12" + digital)
  • Document Pt. 2 (12" + digital)
  • Document Pt. 3 (12" + digital)
  • Document (CD + digital)

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